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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Birthday Wishes, and Funeral Dreams.

Today is Roommates Birthday! A day that I have been thinking actively about my own birthday. I know, I shouldn't take the whole day to think about my birthday, I also thought about my death. (I want to be cremated and sent in envelopes to all the place I have never been)

Yes. I wished him a Happy Birthday too. Numerous times.

What were my thoughts about my birthday? Well I am glad you asked because I will explain them. Right....


-I used to make lists and stuff of thing that I wanted to do before I aged another year. They were simple things like: go to a concert, smoke a cigarette, make a new friend, go somewhere (anywhere) that I haven't been before. These list were always very successful. They filled me with a feeling of accomplishment as I marched slowly, onward, to Death's doorstep. But I never made on this year, and actually thinking back over the year that has been my 21st, I can't think of anything I have done that is new, or different, or deserves placement on a list. I never shot a gun, nor entered a dance-based reality television program. Overall thought: This year was a wash.

-Next thing on the "Thinking List" for today concerning my birthday is that this year I am going to be 22. Jessica Simpson made this quote once in her now debunked 'reality' show: "I am turning 23, which is almost 25, which is almost mid-twenties." Now I know I shouldn't ponder the words of Jessica Simpson (I wouldn't trust her to wash my car! ) But I take notice that when El' Bimbo said these words she was the owner of a rambling Montecito mansion, married, and had a Mercedes-Benz sitting in her three car garage. I rent a duplex with two other guys, and we share a DRIVEWAY! (uncovered and un-shoveled)And I am sure I have an IQ higher than that of a Kumquat. (check spelling) I just think that maybe I would be happier to be aging if I was in more comfortable surroundings, or had something to show for my 22 years on this planet other than a closet that looks like the Gap's store room, and a good ol' forty-thou in student loans.

-Next on the birthday spiral of thought revolves around and Ipod touch. Roommate got one for his birthday from his girlfriend. It is very nice, and I am very jealous, but I try to to show it (when I cried tears of rage I said it was for Obama, but really I want music, the Internet, and a wide variety of "apps" at my fingertips) This sleek, smooth, and elegant piece of technology reminded be that on my birthday, the largest and most expensive present will come from my parents. It will not be all that large and all that expensive, but it will still be the most. Reminders of being alone are the worst (stupid e-harmony commercials! I would use you but I have a poor credit rating!) Although I could be with someone by my birthday. Right? Stranger things have happened. Then maybe I'll get a flat panel television, a MacBook Air, and an iphone (if you think I don't deserve this then you don't know me. Wink) I still have three months!

I got Roommate or as I like to call him "Kitty" an Ice cream cake. It had "Hello Kitty" on it. I am clever in the way that I used his nickname and a popular Japanese cartoon to make allusions to each other! HAH! (Why am I still single?)

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