Narcissit? Who me?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The best thing about mood swings...

..Is you don't need anyone to push you!
I woke up today in a really foul mood. Major (like how Posh Spice says it) I literally hit my alarm clock this morning.

I was a little pestulant child who just wanted five more minutes. The only way I could be any more of a cartoon was if my mother was shaking me awake and I muttered "I just wanna bake cookies!"

Really, I had no reason to not want to get up. I had a discussion coming in Soc but my dear sweet friend Alison was there to guide me (I don't read the chapters) and then I had lunch and then I had to roll on the floor in drama (You want to feel weirdy comfortable lay on your back and stick your legs out in a V shape and wrap your arms around them. It feels so good, but in an odd way because your sitting in a room full of other people, and no one has bought you a drink. Although the wall of mirrors is familiar.)

Well, I was invited to a swwankay dinner party and was asked to bring brown buns and dill pickles, so I must run and pick those up.

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