Narcissit? Who me?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Here is some advice.

Do: Hammer in both sides of a shelf holding dinnerware. If you don't you'll probably break 15 eight dollar plates.

Don't: Wear shoes a half size too small to work for five hours.

Do: Wear comfortable pants to Drama class because your teacher will make you twist yourself into uncomfortable positions and you will find, despite what you once thought, that jeans are constricting.

Don't: Wear comfortable or "sweat-pants" with a black wool pea-coat (Yes, I am taking to you girl at the mall!)

Do: Keep the ice cream cake you bought your roommate outside to keep it frozen.

Don't: Forget it on the table for two hours while you wine that 90210 didn't record.

Do: Tip your waiter/tress

Don't: Tell your boss that you'll role play with them later, and wink at them.

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