Narcissit? Who me?

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mother tells me: be good son,
this chance may be your only one.
Do good in school, study and hit books
Worry not about your looks.

Father tells me: spend money smart
a tiny pebble upsets the cart.
Don't drink, don't smoke or think to swear
and please don't straighten your curly hair.

Sister thinks I may be crazy .
Brother says my future is hazy.
Teacher just knows I'm lazy.

What think I, of all of this?
What crucial point did they miss?
Lost facet of my personality?
can they see it? Possibly.

They forget just who I am.
Not sheep, nor Lion, or even lamb.

Too smart to study day and night,
With a book I will not fight
Money matters not to me,
a cart is used for serving tea.

Even though I'm off my dot,
Soon I will take home a lot
Earn and spend, and lounge about
this is me, without a doubt.

Pin straight hair, and pants pressed
I think little about the rest.
And worry not about the whys and hows
and simply just enjoy the nows.

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