Narcissit? Who me?

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Inspiration strikes like a match!

And burns out just as quick.

The one thing about having a blog is that it exists only in this space. It cannot travel with me in my car (Unless I type and drive, and that has been sternly suggested against) and it cannot come into the shower with me, and it cannot be dictated to as I drift off to sleep. I have to write this, these brilliant words. I would like to have some one, a manservant, or a social secretary follow me around and write down all the brilliant things that I say and write them here. I have no doubt that this would be updated more often if that was the case, but I have $32.50 in my checking account, so it doesn't make sense, financially to take on more staff at this time.

The thing is I think about updating this all the time Like when I drive, and like when I am lathering, rinsing, and repeating. I think about writing random funny things as the sandman pulls at my eyelids, but I never seem to put finger to plastic electronic device and get the words out there.

I am going to try, most for you Ashton, to write on this more. Because I know you want me to, and because you're so hilarious it makes me want to write myself. I know what Bette Midler has been thinking about all these years.

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Ashton said...

yah thanks for the shout out! also for the more subtle nod in my direction in your food preparation note hahaha.
what do you mean bette midler?
love ashton