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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

More on Moving Day!

Okay, so last night I decided that I was finally going to switch rooms, and accept that fact that Savannah wasn't coming back.

So I wrote up a little list about what I was going to be doing. An orderin which to do things, to make sure I did everything that I could think of. Now I also divided the list into two because I have the next two days off. But as it turns out I am a lot more motivated than I thought. I am done moving. I am sitting in my new room right now, writing these very words.

It feels really weird. This is Savannah's room. It still feels like it. I mean I hung out in here all the time, but I never sat in here alone. (that she knows of)

Also, not only did I move the rest of her stuff, clean the entire thing top to bottom, move my stuff, clean my entire room top to bottom, but I also made a nice little guest room. It looks really nice in my old room. To tell you the truth I think I am more excited about that then I am about my room. I mean I am excited (I have closet space!!) but my little room just makes the cutest little guest suite I ever did see!

Now I have to hang all my picture back up, and hang some new ones and buy new stuff for my room! I am so excited about that! I am also really impressed with myself. I got a lot done today! Yay me!


Scarlett Buttons said...

hey you..

post more...

i'm bored!!


Jillian said...

Can I stay in your guest room?