Narcissit? Who me?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I thought it was all happening...

Today I thought I had finally put it all together. I thought I was coming into my own. I thought after all these years of toiling in obscurity I was going to be an "it" person.

I guess I was, but as per usual, it was tainted with a "daniel-esque" flavour.

Today, I was invited to a wonderful, and exclusive trial run at the re-opening of a restuarant called The Shark Club. Okay so maybe it wasn't exclusive, but I was still invited and I still got a reservation. I was so excited. I got a free meal, at a restaurant, and nobody else knew about it! There could be volumes about how cool I felt.

I was put down for a table for two, but the only thing is that I wasn't sure who i could get to go with me on such short notice? Who? Names escaped me. I couldn't think of one person that would want to go out and eat new food, at a new restaurant, without getting to choose what you ate. I thought of my brother, but even he wasn't interested.

Finally, some people from work were assembled. Four of us were going to go, after changing out reservation from two to four, and we were all going to meet there at 6:15. I was so excited!

I show up at 6:10 because I am an early bird, and I like to get the worms! I get a call from Gloria saying she is running late, but the other one hasn't shown up yet, and I wasn't sure if they were bringing the fourth. Oh well, I thought, I am here and I have reservation and free food, and they'll show up and it will be a blast.

6:30 rolls around and I am sitting alone. No one is there yet and the waitress asks me to order, (although I don't get to choose, the table has designated orders) and I say sure, and order them all. All four meals. Even though I am sitting alone. Oh yeah, four meals, and an platter of appetizers too.

Gloria shows up. No one else! It was so funny! We are sitting at his table covered in food! And we are stuffed and can't stop laughing because we were stood up (we think. Maybe not. Maybe I misunderstood, sorry Amanda) and we have plates and plates of food!

So that is me being an "it" person. I get invited to something I think is really cool, and I get stood up. Typical Daniel

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