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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Oh Canada, you rascal...

So yesterday was Canada Day, and I actually did stuff! I am so proud of myself!

I was very concerned with doing something yesterday. I just didn't want another year to pass by and for some one to ask me "What did you do for Canada day?" and when I would say "Nothing" they would look at me like I was sad. Like what kind of young person was I if I didn't go out or go to a lake, and get hammered to celebrate our nation? Tisk Tisk.

So this year I made something happen. We went to McGuire's, which wasn't our first choice (we were hoping patio) but Alexanders was closed. It was okay. I had some vodka specials, which might be my new favorite drink (!!) and I ate fish and chips. It was very good.

Then my brother had to go home (because he is an old man and his hip was bothering him) and so even though the firework were at Diefenbaker park, we decided to go to the Broadway bridge and watch some there. We did see the tips of the really tall ones, once we moved to see them (they were blocked by one of the rather large apartment buildings that line the river) It was okay, but I felt better because there were quite a few other people there, so I guess we weren't the only idiots!

I had to go to bed early though, because I had to go to my class this morning. I hate first days. All nervousness and tears. It was okay despite the fact that I left here at 8:30 am and then waited outside the room till 9:00 a.m and then went in to find an empty room, and the teacher getting ready. She told me to sit down, so I did, and ten minutes later, someone else came. She said we were super early, and I was all "What time does class start?" and she was all "9:30" and I was all "Shit!"

I wandered around the university after that, and then went back to a room slightly fuller ( I don't understand those people who don't come to the first day? I mean, it is like the most important day!) and had class for like a half an hour.

I bought some crap for art and then I made my way to my car to find a littler surprise. No a bird didn't crap on my car, nor was there a rapist in my back seat, I had a parking ticket. Now I have to pay the University another ten dollars, because I didn't put money in the meter (No one else had!) and the thing is they don't start till 9 and the ticket was issued at 9:20 so despite what I have always thought they aren't lazy bastards. They are just regular bastards. I think that parking in the summer should be free at the university because well... it would benefit me most.

Anyways I ate a&w for lunch so I am happy.

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