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Monday, July 14, 2008

I can't stop...

I went shopping again today because, I have figured it out, I have nothing else in my life, so I fill it with material goods. I went to the mall downtown today because I wanted to use my Gap gift card because, well, just because I remembered that I had it. So I went to the gap and bought a couple of shirts and a cardigan ( it was $11!) and then I just kept wandering around and I bought a book, another cardigan, lunch, and a pair of jeans that I am not sure I will ever wear.

I just seem to addicted to buying clothes. I went to Winners on Friday and I bought a sweater, a pair of shoes, and a pair of pants. Not just pants, white pants. That is right I have two pairs of white pants, that I am not sure that I will ever wear, because they are white pants, but the idea that came into my head as I was buying them was that they would look good at the beach (because I so often go there!)

I really need to stop buying things.

I also really need to get a kitten. If I had one of those I am pretty sure that I would be more likely to stay at home.

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