Narcissit? Who me?

Friday, July 4, 2008

A break down of my week:

Number of classes attended : 3

Number of days worked: 4

Number of dollars made: $186

Number of Dollars Spent: $220.98

Number of Minutes Early for first day of class: 55

Number of Parking tickets: 1

Number of times eaten out: 3

Number of Meals I had to pay for: 3

Least amount of money put on debit : $2.76

Number of trips to the U of S bookstore: 3

Number of BMW's backed into: 1

Number of Broken BMW's: 0

Number of Bruises on right arm: 4

Number of naps: 1 (SAD)

Number of phone calls: 11 (mostly my mom)

Number of text messages: 87

Number of times fallen down: 0 (very good)

Number of near falls: 6

Number of times felt like a jackass: too numerous to count

Number of moments felt like a good person: 4

Number of Alcoholic Drinks: 3

Gallons of paint purchased: 2

Number of rooms painted: 0

Hours of television watched: 80 (lets say)

1 comment:

Scarlett Buttons said...

Thats nice!

I like this straight forward approach. It is like a simplistic painting with no shading and few colours....

man... i should be able to think of that style without straining....