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Monday, June 30, 2008

Sunday FUN-day.

There is just something about a Sunday that screams, lay on the couch and watch CBC movie of the week. It is either the day screaming it, or it is the crazy old lady next door, but either way it is just a nice way to spend the evening.

It didn't start till 9 which was cool because it gave me a little relax time, where I had time for some sidekicks and a coke, which isn't as good as a coke and egg salad, but it comes in at a close second.
The movie this week was "National Treasure" which is like the perfect summer movie. You can watch it and make fun, but when the overwhelming humidity smothers you into submission, it entertains your heat-stroke weary brain without complaint.

Grason and I, watching the movie together, forced to sit through commercials because we didn't pause it for long enough caught up to the live broadcast, and saw an advert for Ice Caps and so at 11:30 at night we went to go get some. They were super good. The best part: eating the cream off the top with the straw! YUMM.

Our submission to television adds caused Savannah to come up with one of her best puns EVER.
After seeing a commercial for Harry Potter she said:
"What next? you going to go out and buy Harry Potter at a Bachelor Auction?
'MAKE MY HOUSE FLOAT!' (Said in Daniel Voice)
'Okay I am going to need a lot of ice cream and pop!' (Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe voice."

It was hilarious.

Also the Lizard jumped at me and I freaked out. I just know he was going for my mouth.

Overall and enjoyable evening.

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