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Friday, May 2, 2008

An Afterword from After work.

Well I did an honest days work. Well I did a good three hours of work.

Okay, I watched a few saftey videos and it was all really stupid. As it turns out you can't jump on a ladder. Crazy. And you aren't supposed to mix chemicals together without reading the labels. You can mix them, but read the labels.

Anyways I am really regretting not writing down that number for Adult Chat Line. I really wanted to work from home. I wish I had another job. I am not really excited about this one. I know I should be like "Hey! A chance to make money!" But i don't really care about money, I would be happier if I had a better job that paid less. My psychic told me that I need to find something that I like to do rather than something that makes me money.
Not that this job pays a lot of money.

I should really ask her for the lottery numbers. I would really like that job.

Also I downloaded "Workin 9 to 5" and it is a really good song. It speaks to me.

"ANd you spend your life putting money in his wallet!"

Dolly Parton is a poet.

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