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Monday, March 17, 2008

Voted most likely to sleep in class!

Actually is our Art History class would take a vote between me and Savannah it would probably be her, but I took a hard core nap-er-ooie today. It was totally awe -wait for it- some.

I started dreaming and then I woke up and then I wrote down "The Barry hotel" because that is what I was dreaming about. I think I have gotten over my fear of sleeping in public, or I was so sleepy I just didn't care.

I had some "hot tea for a hottie" today. It was good. Then I remembered I could get the same tea at home for cheaper, so I won't get it everyday. Today was an exception though. I needed a "shake me up"

I was pulling a serious Sunny Von Bulow. I am better now.


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Scarlett Buttons said...

You should just put a poll on here and see if you are infact voted most likely to sleep in class....

I think that savannah could give you a run for your money... A very long long run!