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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Productivity? Just say NO!

I wish I had a room in the house that was just a few really big armchairs, some shag carpeting, a desk, a lamp, a table, and light music playing.

This is where I would actually get work done. I could sit in this room, laptop in name specific place, and tap out some singularly brilliant assignments. I would sit on one armchair, and maybe someone could come and work in the other one (and we would keep each other company) There would be no TV unless it was a little one on just for background noise. It couldn't be anything particularly good, so not to absorb you, but it would have to not be so stupid that you look up just to ridicule it.

Maybe the room would have a bar with snacks in it. Nothing that needs preparation would be allowed in the room. Only snack that need to be opened and eaten. No dipping. That causes distractions. And it would have beverages on tap (for convenience).

It would be nice and warm, but not too warm (no sleeping) and there would be office supplies.

Also the shag carpeting is crucial. You need it so you can sit on the floor and have everything spread out around you and your butt won't get sore. Also when you are thinking you can rake the carpet into intricate designs.

Also I love Munchies Mix. I hate the pretzels (cause they are so damn tricky! Do they taste good or not?!?!) but everything else is divine. They are the only reason why I have a page of work done (I reward myself with one after every sentence)

Yes I am like a dog.

Also the room shouldn't have Internet access.

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Scarlett Buttons said...

Wow.. that sounds perfect.... i wish your room was like that...

Hell! why did we rip out that carpet! it was even orange!