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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nobody beats the Brick! Save mis-information.

I had to to go to the Brick today. Which meant I had to leave the house and travel down a long and twisty road and cross the river to get there. It was quite an adventure.

I left the house in a hurry because there was a monster chasing after me because I had just stolen his magic goblet. (Note: Story may be embellished) I ran to my car and hoped in. Wondering where to go I remembered my sister wanted me to pick up her couch cushion from the Brick. Her old one had ripped so she needed and new one and had it waiting for her at the store in Saskatoon. I decided to go their until the Monster had quieted down.

Now As I started to drive away I realised that I had not a whole heck of a lot of gas, but i thought what the heck I'll have plenty to get clear across the city and back again. Then i got onto the Freeway more commonly known to those is Sk-town as Circle Drive. Then my gas light came on. Now My gas light never comes on. If it does I run to the gas station to get more gas. I literally run there because I am afraid that I will run out of gas on the way there because the whole prospect of running out of gas is so mortifying that I can hardly think about it. So I decide that I have plenty of gas but I decide that I will go to Wal-mart to look for toys for my niece for her birthday instead, then I will get some gas at the gas station and header on out to The Brick.

This would have been a fine plan had I been able to pry my eyes away from the gas gage for long enough to see where I was going. I made the wrong turn onto attridge and ended up going down Central Ave. This was a far ways away from Wal-mart, so I was screwed. Then I got stuck behind a cemi, and he got my windshield all dirty and I couldn't see. I don't have any of that fluid stuff in my car because it apparently was a option on my bare-minimum car. Seriously I am sure glad it has seat belts. So i decided I needed to wash my car. They only thing is, that I am crazy. I like to go to specific gas stations and car washes. I have been to them before and haven't made and ass out of myself at them so I may return. So I had to go all they way back to Clarence to go to the car wash with the gas station that is cheaper if you buy both, and big blue monster washes your car. Now I had to go a ways and for serious I could feel the car getting lighter as I drove. I was screaming at cars in front of me to go faster, like my car was on a time limit. It seems the faster i got to Gas station the less gas I would use. Turns out that may not be how cars work. Anyways I made it. I got my car washed and got gas and I am so glad I didn't run out of gas. I was having nightmare about my car dying and me having to push it to the side of the road.

So I went to Old Navy. I know this wasn't on the plan but I decided I wanted to go there to see some stuff they had and to see if this girl I knew, Danielle, still worked there. I had one class with her, and saw her working in there like 10 months ago, but in this time I have concluded that we would be best friends if I would ever see her again. I didn't. Then I went to Petsmart and adopted a cat (don't tell Savannah, Jenn or Grason. They think it is my baby) and then to Pier one (where everything I have every wanted was on sale yet still completely out of my price range) and Home Outfitters, where I saw this Hippo Bag Clip that I really wanted (my one vestige of masculinity is that I will not ask for help ever. Maybe that isn't masculinity, but rather stupidity?) and then I went to Wal-mart and found nothing for my niece, but I was side-swiped my a toddler riding a bike (I smiled at the mother like a "kids will be kids" smile and she totally glared at me like I was trying to steal her kid. Trust me I don't want 'im) then I went to the Brick.

I found it like totally easy because I was going real slow and pausing before every street to see if I could see it. That is how we smart people drive. I only got honked at twice! I asked a very nice lady if I could pick up a couch cushion for my sister, and she said sure. She couldn't find it in the back, so we had to go downstairs to look for it. Now it is weird for me because all my life I have always been a young person, and I still feel about 12, but as I age the salespeople is stores are people my age. They like talk to me and stuff, and it weirds me out. I am just some dumb kid! GAH! Leave me alone! Small talk BAD! But she was a very friendly lady and despite the fact we couldn't find the couch cushion ( because it was just a cover ) for over 20 minuets, she was a delight ( and she didn't seem upset that I had told her the wrong thing!)

Then I went to Zellers to look at Kids toys again and found nothing. Then I went to Bootlegger because I am in desperate need of pants ( I have only like 25 pairs!) and then Savannah called and said she has been locked out. Daniel to the rescue. My work is never done.

Then I got home and clean like a sun'bitch.



Scarlett Buttons said...

So i was just wondering if there was anything more to this Hippo bag clip story? cause sounds intreaging....

Anonymous said...

Okay 1) I can't believe you spelt it "cemi" rather than "semi" and 2) you should like you were right in my neighbourhood and didn't even call me. *sadface*. Maybe this is why I shouldn't read your blog. You just make me sad. *sadface*