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Monday, March 31, 2008

My New Favorite Thing.

So today I had an architectural tour of downtown Saskatoon. Sounds fun right! I actually got credit for this.

One can have an excellent time walking about, rambling around downtown Saskatoon. (Although I would suggest going on a warmer day) We have a really impressive downtown, and many different styles of architecture. I was really amazed by that. Now Savannah and I have a problem with getting off the beaten tract a little bit and we only made it to about 3 of the suggested buildings on our walk. I blame the circular door thingy. That is what made us first get off track. This building downtown had a circular door, but it was automated! It combined my two favorite things! It was perfect.
Now we tried a church but apparently the big ol' JC wasn't at home because the door was locked. That or he saw us coming and locked the door. I like to think that Christ and I had a open door policy. He doesn't share such an opinion. Then we tried the Bessbourough. Man, that place is like classical architecture porn. I wanna walk all over that place. It is so awesome it makes my insides hurt.
Anyways we were walking into the smanshiest hotel in the town and we had a brainwave that we could probably get them to give us a tour of one of the suites. Believe it or not they let us. Yeah, they radioed down a Bellman, and he walked us around the hotel and showed us a suite and a ballroom and a stairway. it was divine. It was friggin awesome.
Then we went to two other hotels and they both let us stick our punk ass kid noses into rooms! Not just any rooms! The nicest suites in the place! One had a spiral staircase. It was awesome.

We are super clever.

Also bellmen is a funny word.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww...I want to go now. You should have let me come. *sadface*